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Last week I held a 5 month old baby, my best friend’s niece, baby Soraya.

She doesn’t have any words yet. But she can communicate: her favorite thing to do was grab my hand and hold on tight when she saw me.

Today I watched as my grandmother, who raised 5 children and has been independent her entire life, got a sponge bath and a diaper change. She is likely in the last 5-7 months of her life. She doesn’t talk anymore. The alzheimer’s has stolen her words. But I know she’s in there when she grabs my hand and holds on tight when I talk to her.

JazzFest blog postIt stands out to me how short this ride is.

How very little time we actually have on the stage.

And how imperative it is that we make it count.

It’s imperative that we choose that our days matter, that we matter.

Back in April I got to see four performers share their passion live:
Ed Sheeran (at the start of his career, age 24)

Gwen Stefani (in the middle of a long career, age 45)

Lenny Kravitz (in the late-middle of a long career, age 51)

Elton John (towards the latter stages of what’s already a long career, age 68)

What stood out as they sang every song, even the songs they were probably sick of, is how clear it was that there was NOTHING ELSE THEY’D RATHER BE DOING.

The songs that are old to them, the ones they probably ALWAYS have to sing and can never just let go of as a “moment in their life,” they got the crowd sing with them – that’s how much of a kick they got out of sharing their passion.

You could tell there was no apathy. No ambivalence in their bodies. Zero half-heartedness.

They were *all* in.

Watching my best friend get married this past weekend, I am so clear how important that feeling is to me. The sensation of being “all in.”

I desire to feel completely signed up for whomever I with, whatever I’m doing, and wherever I’m doing it – or at least have my ship aimed in that direction.

I desire that for you too:

That you hold on tightly to what makes you feel alive, even if you don’t have the words to articulate how or why.

That you are clear that wherever you are, there’s no place else you’d rather be.

And whatever you’re doing, there’s nothing else you’d rather do.

That you’re so signed up for your life, that the crowd sings along with you, every time you sing your song.

Because this ride is short. So, immeasurably, shockingly, short.

And there’s a lot you can have be and do if you just choose that it matters – that you matter.

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