2 Steps to avoid working with crazy (lazy) people next year.

by Kristen on December 21, 2013

You’ve set up shop. You finally are making a little money in your business. And then you realize, the people you are working with aren’t really the people you wanna work with. You are annoyed when they call, and disappointed and unfulfilled when you get off the phone with them. They just aren’t motivated to do the work.

“How did I attract someone like this?” you wonder…

Many of my clients have had the experience of working with people who

  • no whiningPay them but don’t do the work and have a ton of excuses for why not (“It’s not my fault I didn’t do the work, my life is a mess.”)
  • Pay them but don’t do the work and have a ton of blame for why not (“It’s not my fault, I didn’t do the work, it’s your fault.”)
  • Pay and don’t do the work and then suddenly don’t pay and go MIA.
  • Ask for a discount, in your desperation you give it to them, and then soon regret it for one of the reasons above.

Having experienced this and searching for a solution, my client noticed and asked the following…

I see some coaches on their website specify what kind of personalities they best work with and they list it out, is that okay to do? I understand why they do this because they only want to work with committed and motivated individuals.

There are 2 sure-fire and fail-proof ways to avoid attracting people like this and attract people who are motivated, accountable and responsible for their results, and who will love you and what you do. And the list of crazy-lazy-whininess goes on.


Your blogging and web-copy should handle this for you.

This is the #1 challenge I see most coaches and service providers have that attracts the wrong people. They feel like they are so good at so many things they don’t wanna narrow it down and get known for one thing. “What if someone will pay me for something else I’m great at?” They think.  “Aren’t I missing out on that money?” No you are not. You are setting yourself up to

  • Have people come to you because you are known for being EXCELLENT at one thing (rather than you chasing them.)
  • Charge more because you aren’t a jane-of-all-trades. You are an expert at your craft.

By looking like a Jane-of-all-trades online, you attract people who aren’t focused either.

And helping people figure out their purpose and live their best lives isn’t clear. EVERYONE is doing that these days. I do that. Oprah does that. Wayne Dyer does that. Marie Forleo does that. Danielle LaPorte does that…

Be specific. Clarity leads to cash.


Money is a serious truth revealer. If you charge enough, only people who are mature enough in their own personal development will have enough money to pay you. (Note: I am not saying that people who don’t have money are immature.) But when it comes to accountability and responsibility, crazy-lazy-whiners simply don’t have cash nor the mental resources or personal drive/accountability to figure out how to get it. (Again, note: not all people without cash are crazy-lazy-whiners. But most people who are crazy-lazy-whiners don’t have the cashflow to invest in themselves.)

The people who have money and can figure out how to get it are the people you wanna work with.

Because these people are accountable and resourceful enough to take any coaching you give and implement it. You don’t need to make a PSA on your website about who those people are if you charge enough and do step 1.

The truth is, you can put a list of things on your site about what personalities you work well with and anyone can say “Oh yeah, that’s me.” It’s like asking someone in a job interview “Can you show up on time everyday?” You know for sure the answer will be the one you want to hear.

Putting that on your site doesn’t weed out crazy people (trust me, I know this from personal experience.) But being crystal clear about what you do and don’t do (no vagueness) and charging premium will weed out problem clients and attract people who are serious. (My client is in my Be You Get Paid program. It’s designed to help her do that BIG TIME.)

It will also force you to be serious about your business: it will force you to get clear about what you say you deliver and what you actually deliver (a disappointed high-end client will be a lesson you’ll never forget. For this reason, CLARITY FIRST. Raise your rates second.)

This will also force you to show up and grow as a service provider. “Who do I have to become to serve this person well?” is the question you will have to ask yourself everyday.

Just charge enough and be clear.

The right people will find you from there. The crazies will go take a seat on someone else’s boat.

Have you encountered crazy-lazy-whiners? Let us know in the comments how you handled it and what you did to spot them sooner.

Here’s to 2014 being full of clients you LOVE!

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Naomi Colb December 21, 2013 at 4:36 pm

Yes, Kristen, I have found this to be true as well. My high end clients who are clear on their own compelling mission and using my service to accelerate their initiative, are extremely satisfying to deal with.
I now screen potential clients by having them apply for the initial exploratory strategy session. I can tell if they are really ready to do the work by the way they answer the questions on the application:) I also let them know up front that I have been known to complete my coaching relationship with clients who do not make their own short term goals a priority:)


Kristen December 22, 2013 at 9:03 am

NICE Naomi. I love these 2 steps:

The strategy session
The application

These 2 things will definitely let you know if the prospect is someone you want to work with and can support long term.


Anne Peguero December 22, 2013 at 8:29 am

Yes! Thank you Kristen! I’m working hard at attracting my ideal clients. Thank you for this motivation.


Kristen December 22, 2013 at 9:03 am

You are welcomed Anne! Glad this helped.


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