10 Ways to stand out as a relationship coach

by Kristen on August 1, 2014

Recently I covered 9 ways you can stand out as a Health Coach.  

However relationship coaching, much like health coaching, is one of the most over-saturated coaching markets. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it! You can use your story and your target market to create a branded message that attracts the right clients.

We call this Brand Positioning. This is all about identifying the opportunities in the market where you personally can make a difference given who you’re story and the market’s need.

Today I’m going to tell you about a client of mine who did exactly that, and give you some suggestions so you can do it to.

In my program Be You Get Paid, each participant creates unique positioning so they stand out in their market. Today’s post was inspired by past participant, Trenia Parham.

When she came to me she was relationship coaching for years but wasn’t making enough money to quit her day job. And she’d tried a lot of the traditional marketing strategies to grow her list and get people to work with her. But at the time, it was hard to get people to show up and really understand the value of what she provided.

Since then, she’s been able to make enough income to leave her job and begin her dream of making a difference as a relationship coach full time, have her private client roster fill up, and sell out her first group program as well. All of this in under one year – I’m so inspired by her commitment to her dream.

In our work together during Be You Get Paid, she clarified her tribe and nailed her message for this tribe. (NOTE: Choose your tribe and the message will follow.) Much of this was based on leveraging her innate strengths and her story of learning to speak up for herself.

Now she helps women who’ve struggled with losing themselves in relationships speak up for themselves; ask for what they need and get what they want.

Trenia Parham  is a true inspiration and her brand message for her tribe makes her stand out.

There are a lot of other ways to stand out as a relationship coach. When it comes to relationship coaching, I advise you to think of it in 3 categories – of course there are more – but here’s a starting place to help you think through where your strengths, story and message lie.

The three categories are:


helping people find love, get into relationships, understand the opposite sex when it comes to courtship.


helping people navigate courtship into successful relationship and navigate the challenges of day-to-day relating into having true intimacy.


helping people experience the type of physical intimacy they desire

Here are some ideas of what can be done in the 3 categories:


  1.     Dating after divorce

Brand Positioning: Learn to love again. Whether you initiated the divorce or your ex did, it can be heart-breaking and make you extra-cautious about loving again. There’s much to process after a divorce, and lots to overcome on the way to dating again. Having a trusted advisor and coach can simplify the process.

  1.     Dating for the successful, busy and single woman/man

Brand Positioning: Not too busy for love. It’s tough finding the right mate and match, especially when you’re busy and have a demanding job. The line between using your work as an excuse and it actually being in the way is thin. This group is a group who wants to have it all. And is willing to invest to get it.

  1.     Dating for parents

Brand Positioning: Parents need love too. The art My single parent friends struggle with getting the timing right, thinking through when to introduce the kids, how to talk through this with the ex. There’s tons to cover here.


  1.     Blending blended families

Brand Positioning:Many Parents, One Family. Bringing two families together can be a challenge. If you’ve got a background in coaching with kids or therapy then this could be your way to make a difference and create long-term sustainable income. Sessions with the family and individual siblings, plus the process supporting their new family bond will always be needed.

  1.     Divorce without destroying the kids

Brand Positioning: The Devoted Divorce. So many children struggle with their parents divorce and have lots of questions that go unanswered as the parents figure it out. Parents sometimes say things about one another they don’t realize hurt their children’s self-esteem. You could the expert at creating a loving separation process that supports the children.

  1.     Handling non-traditional relationship challenges

Brand Positioning: Your family, you make the rules. There are LOTS of non-traditional family and relationship models these days as people navigate long distances, same-sex, open and poly-relationship models, multiple generations under one roof, chosen and adopted family. These dynamics can require extra support. If you’re great at having judgment free-coaching conversations, they by all means, let the world know!

  1.     Managing conflict and sex with different Attachment Styles, Love Languages, Myer’s Briggs Types, Enneagram Types, Human Design, insert-your-preferred-typing-system-here-types

Brand Positioning: Know Thyself, Love Thyself. You may have heard of some of these different “typing” systems that impact the way people relate in partnership. Knowing how to handle these can be just a tool in your toolbox or it can be more than that. It can be one of the ways you stand out among your chosen tribe.


  1.     Managing sex and intimacy after baby for couples

Brand Positioning: Put the “I” back in “Intimate.” This time in a woman’s life can be enormously special and tricky to figure out how to manage her new identity as mom and still be who she and her husband need her to be. It starts with helping her have a more complete sense of self, her needs and desires.

  1.     Sex and hormones for 38+ year-old women

Brand Positioning: The New 40. Women’s hormones change throughout their lives, this change in particular can be a challenge given how it affects women’s sexuality and sensuality. Your support could mean the difference between a woman spending another 20 years unhappy with her body or finally coming home to her body. Pair this with a background in health or nutrition for extra mileage.

  1.  Raising kids with positive sexuality

Brand Positioning: Learn how to have “The Talk” without tripping over your words. You know how tough it is for parents to talk to their kids about sex and sexuality? Enough said. No one is teaching parents how to do this “right.” And it’s rare to hear anyone say that they got a great model from their parents.

  1.  Helping people who have survived abuse experience physical intimacy that feels safe

Brand Positioning:It finally feels safe to have sex. Many people have difficulties with sex and intimacy if there is abuse as part of their background. It’s not easy to talk about and tools can be useful if you’ve got expertise here.

These are only a few of many possible ways you can stand out as a relationship coach and impact people’s lives.

Consider your innate strengths and your personal story – what have you overcome that can inspire someone to trust you and only you that they can breakthrough too?

When you own your story and choose your tribe, your message becomes clear and changes their life.

Choose your tribe and your message will follow. By knowing who you’re talking to, you’ll know what to say. (Tweet it)

The most successful brands have a compelling message.


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