What is a brand? (and a tool to build your brand)

by Kristen on September 11, 2014

Have you ever wanted someone to explain this idea of a “brand” so you can actually know whether you need one and how to build one?

Some say brand is reputation.
Some say it’s website, fonts, colors, photos.
Some say it’s a logo.

Today I’ll clarify exactly what a brand is and give you a tool to take your brand to the next level of clarity and engagement for your tribe.

And most importantly, today’s tool will help you move your brand into alignment with your unique purpose – the work you were made for.

The truth is you’re likely doing the work you were made for. But without clarity about your unique purpose, it’s hard to know exactly what that is or use it to make your brand stand out from everyone else who does what you do.

While you’re likely not the only person to do what you do, your brand can be the only brand that matters to your target market when it’s based on your unique message and unique purpose.

In addition to a tool to get you started today, I also have an awesome gift for you.

All you have to do is use the tool and send me proof before Friday at 11:59pm. (Extra points for video proof!)

Let’s dig in and clarify –

What the heck is a brand?

The understanding we have today for the word “brand” comes to us from the days of livestock ownership.

Cattle ranchers used a hot branding iron to place a mark on their cattle so the herds could be separated and we’d know one farmer’s cattle from another’s.

This would guarantee that the cattle would be raised according to the rancher’s beliefs and values and ensured a particular experience when the meat came to market.

People would look for a certain rancher’s seal/brand because they knew if they bought that rancher’s steak it would have certain attributes: be raised in a certain way, be of a particular flavor with a particular freshness, etc.


Beef was the product.
The brand shared what experience you’d have of the product.
The logo, fonts, images, packaging etc. evoked the experience that would compel you to buy.

The concept of a brand has since evolved into retail items like electronics, appliances and clothing, in addition into the way we distribute food and beverage items.

For you and our tribe of solo-preneurs and service providers a personal brand differentiates your packages, programs and products from someone else’s who sells exactly what you sell.

To get even more to the point:

Your brand isn’t the font, the colors, the pictures or the web design.

These are tools that let people know what experience they’ll get when they work with you.

Your personal brand is the experience that you provide for someone else and yourself that makes them want to buy what you are selling.

Wanna go a level deeper with me?

To help you clarify your brand and align your business to it, I have a tool that will help.

I posted this question to my Facebook timeline as I created this blog post. (It’s also a question I ask my clients to use):

Based on how you’ve seen me use my time and energy, what can you tell I stand for?

I invite you to get clarity on your brand by taking these 2 actions now:

#1: Jump in and comment on my Facebook post here.


#2: Copy the question and post it to your own timeline on Facebook or on Twitter.

I know it’s uncomfortable – but the best personal brands engage their audience about the brand experience.

When you ask your tribe (the people who already know and love you; your past and current clients) what they see you stand for, the pattern that emerges in their answers will illuminate your unique brand experience.

When you talk about your brand experience in your marketing and blogs, you’ll build a consistent brand that easily attracts the right customers.

When you know how to market the best parts of brand experience “you” without changing who you are, you’ll have aligned your brand to your purpose. It’s your purpose that will make you magnetic and allow you to create the impact you know you’re capable of in your business.

To make this more fun, I have a contest:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.15.55 PM

The first 3 people to leave a comment below who’ve done #1 and #2 above (showing me link to YOUR FB page) AND who are on my newsletter mailing list will receive a complementary 45-minute personal brand breakthrough session with me. In it, I’ll tell you how to take the data you received and incorporate it into your existing personal brand. NOTE: you need to be clear about what you sell and your business model to win.

Excited to hear how it goes! Feel free to send me any Qs you have about the process.


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